Recruitment Solutions

Through our Recruitment services, TopFloor partners with its clients to ensure they acquire the best fit talent for each role. When you partner with TopFloor in the acquisition of your human capital, you get these benefits:

  • Better CV’s – TopFloor ’s extensive in house developed assessment center filters through hundreds of applicants to leave you with the best candidates possible.
  • More Candidate Information – We provide Assessments and Psychometric evaluations for short-listed applicants giving you even more information before you meet the candidate.
  • Better Fit – TopFloor ensures that we find the best candidate to fit your needs and the culture of the organisation.

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Open Recruitment and Selection
TopFloor advertises the job on behalf of the client, screens and short lists applications, interviews and assesses the applicants, carries out background checks and presents the client with the best short list to ultimately select from.
Selection and Short Listing
For clients who have an existing pool of candidates, TopFloor can assess the candidates’ knowledge, skills and abilities in line with the job using multilevel interviews, aptitude tests, psychometric tests and extensive background checks thus reducing the pool to a list of best fit candidates.
Psychometric Tests
TopFloor offers psychometric tests that assess the candidates’ language and communication skills, reasoning and critical thinking, interests and motivations, job knowledge, personality and attitudes, emotional intelligence, stress management, management skills and sales acumen. We have specialized tests for entry level positions, management positions and sales and customer service.
Head Hunting
For specialized roles, executive level and highly specialized positions, TopFloor sources and approaches specific professionals who match client requirements.
Assessment Centre
TopFloor offers Microsoft office proficiency exams in PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Excel as well as aptitude tests.
Background Checks
These include verification of qualifications, police checks, credit checks and former employer references checks.

Our Clients Include...
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