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To be the leading human capital services provider in Southern Africa
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To be a world class human capital service provider offering customised solutions that facilitate the attainment of corporate and individual goals.

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Our Origin Story

TopFloor Zambia facilitates the attainment of corporate and individual goals through the provision of customised human capital solutions. Everything we do at TopFloor, from human capital outsourcing and training to consultancy and talent acquisition, is designed to develop people and organisations.

Founded in 2011 by Mark Bennett and Ian Ferrao, TopFloor was created as a local solution for world class training for Zambians. Although he was British, Mark lived and worked in Zambia for over 30 years. Passionate about education and how to leverage technology to deliver quality education to the masses, he co-founded TopFloor, and later founded iSchool (www.ischool.zm). Mark who was seen by many as a mentor and inspiration had the rare quality of wanting to unlock each individual’s potential and education was a huge part of that process.

That very spirit was the inspiration behind the name TopFloor. In one of TopFloor's very first meetings, potential names for the organisation were tossed around with a specific focus on finding a name that was aspirational, that made people feel like they could achieve their dreams through professional development. And this is where 'TopFloor' came from, that we could take people to the 'TopFloor' through professional development and certifications.

TopFloor was created out of a need to provide better quality and more professional development courses and certifications in-country so that more people could get the training they needed to develop themselves. Since 2011, TopFloor has trained 3000+ individuals and provided services to 400+ corporate clients. It has also grown to provide a full array of human capital management services such as outsourcing, consultancy and talent acquisition.

TopFloor Values

  • People development - We believe that developing Human Capital can fundamentally transform people and organizations.
  • Professional and Quality Service – We value our clients, providing them with professional and high-quality services.
  • Flexibility – We work within each individual and corporate client’s needs and resources.
  • Integrity – We act with integrity, never over-selling or over-promising.
  • Team work – We believe our team is our greatest asset and we invest in their development.

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